• Emergency Pull Cord Switch

    Emergency Pull Cord Switch

    The emergency pull switch is used for emergency shutdown of the belt conveyor in the event of an accident. Scope of application of emergency stop pull switch: Conventional belt conveyors, packaging production lines, shuttle conveyors, stacking and reclaiming systems, cranes, excavators, chain feeders, horizontal feeders

  • Permanent Magnet for Belt Conveyor

    Permanent Magnet for Belt Conveyor

    RCDB Dry Electromagnetic Separator and RCDD Electromagnetic Self-Unloading Separator Scope of application: It is used to remove iron from any material in front of the crusher and on the conveyor belt, and can be applied to various harsh environmental conditions. Electromagnetic iron remover plays a key role in protecting terminal equipment from hard steel impurities in conveyed materials.

  • Metal Detector

    Metal Detector

    Conveyor Belt Conveyor Metal Detector Conveyor belt metal side detector is mainly used for metal detection of materials in belt conveying. It is generally installed at the back end of the magnetic separator for double protection.

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