• Apron Feeder

    Apron Feeder

    Apron Feeder are mainly used in production lines for quarries, aggregate processing, and large particle recycling applications. Apron Feeder is an important receiving and conveying device for heavy granular bulk materials. Due to the heavy-duty design of the apron feeder, it can withstand instantaneous discharge impact load, and is suitable for feeding large, massive, abrasive and heavy aggregates in humid, viscous or frozen operating environments, and is suitable for various occasions.

  • Fu Type Chain Conveyor

    Fu Type Chain Conveyor

    Chain conveyor is a new type of equipment for conveying powdery and small granular materials. It can be installed horizontally or within 15° of inclination. It has the advantages of reasonable design, long service life, reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency, sealing, safety and convenient maintenance. Conveyor chains are widely used in building materials, chemicals, thermal power, food processing, mining, metallurgy, ports and other industries.

  • Vertical Bucket Elevator

    Vertical Bucket Elevator

    1.The TGD steel cord conveyor belt bucket elevator is an important equipment for the vertical conveying of bulk materials. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, high lifting height, stable operation and long service life. It is widely used in the material transportation system of building materials, chemical industry, coal, electric power and port transportation industries. 2. NE series plate chain hoist has been widely used to hoist various bulk materials, such as ore, coal, cement, cement clinker, grain, fertilizer, etc. Because of its high efficiency and energy saving, it has become the first choice to replace HL and TH type chain hoists. There are 11 models of NE series plate chain hoist: NE15, NE30, NE50, NE100, NE150, NE200, NE300, NE400, NE500, NE600, NE800. 3.NSE series high-speed plate chain bucket elevators are widely used to lift powder and small granular materials. NSE series plate chain bucket elevator has nine basic models: NSE100, NSE200, NSE300, NSE400, NSE500, NSE600, NSE700, NSE800, NSE1000.

  • Belt Conveyor

    Belt Conveyor

    Conveyor belt system is a common conveying equipment. The application range of belt conveyors includes: steel industry, power plant, aluminum industry, machinery industry, mining industry, tobacco industry, printing and other industries. The line conveying of the belt conveyor can be selected according to the different goods to be conveyed: ordinary continuous operation, rhythmic operation or variable speed operation and other methods. The belt of the belt conveyor can be selected according to different conveying needs: different line types such as straight, slope, curve or climbing. CAFU provides you with the best customized belt bulk material conveying solutions in ports, thermal power plants, steel mills, crushing and road tunnel projects.

  • Palletizing Machine

    Palletizing Machine

    Fully automatic palletizer is mainly used for automatic packaging and transfer of products in the brick machine production line, which can greatly improve production efficiency. The fully automatic palletizer developed by our company can be planned and customized in combination with the existing brick machine production line to improve the production capacity of the existing brick machine production line. According to the characteristics of the products produced, our company also undertakes the development and sales services of palletizers for other related products.

  • Z Bucket Conveyor

    Z Bucket Conveyor

    Application range of Z-type bucket elevator: Chemical industry, refractory material industry, quartz sand industry, sand and gravel industry, metal powder industry, PVC monolithic particles, pet food industry, grain finishing industry, hardware and electrical engineering industry, etc. Material size requirements and production capacity of Z-type bucket elevator: Feeding size ≤3cm; production capacity 1~20m3/h.

  • Screw Conveyer

    Screw Conveyer

    Screw conveyors are used to transport cement, fly ash, mineral powder, dry sand, etc. in concrete mixing plants (buildings), asphalt mixing plants, dry mortar production lines and other occasions. It is also widely used in chemical, building materials, food, metallurgy, electric power and other industries. Convey powdery and small granular materials. The son-mother screw conveyor, also known as the precision weighing screw conveyor, is suitable for conveying materials in occasions that require periodic and accurate weighing. The metering screw conveyor is composed of a main unit and a slave unit.

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