• Downdraft bin pump

    Downdraft bin pump

    According to the direction of the discharge port, the bin pump is divided into downdraft bin pump, also known as bin pump, pneumatic conveying pump, sending tank, etc. The fluidising plate of the downdraft bin pump is in the lower part of the bin pump, and the fluidising plate is single or double plate. In order to enable the material to be discharged centrally, the conveying pipe is equipped with a conveying valve at the bottom of the bin pump. When the air pressure inside the bin pump reaches a predetermined pressure value, the conveying valve opens and the highly concentrated material flows into the conveying pipe for dense phase conveying.

  • Upward draft bin pump

    Upward draft bin pump

    Upward draft bin pump in powder pneumatic conveying system, the fluidising plate is at the bottom of the bin pump, the lower flaring tube of the material delivery pipe is installed at a suitable position above the fluidising plate, the upper end is straight up from the top of the bin pump, the booster jet is installed on the pipe at the outlet.

  • Double Silo Dense Phase Bin Pump

    Double Silo Dense Phase Bin Pump

    As a continuous powder conveying silo pump, has the characteristics of reliable technical level and advanced technology. The equipment is widely used in electric power, cement, food, metallurgy and other industries. The continuous delivery bin type pump sold by the company is composed of two pump bodies, which are controlled by the pipeline cutting valve to maintain the continuity of pipeline delivery. In many cases of powder pneumatic conveying system engineering, we maintain strong technical advancement and more practical experience. Principle introduction: in fact, it uses the principle of pneumatic pressure difference to transport. After the material enters the pump body, when it is filled with powder, the material forms a fluidization state after gasification. Through the mixing chamber, the compressed air is spewed out at high speed through the jet nozzle, and the fluidization powder is fully mixed evenly. Two warehouse type pumps can feed at the same time, feed in turn, transport materials alternately, pipeline can achieve uninterrupted transmission of powder, to meet the requirements of large throughput, is a reliable process for improving the capacity of powder pneumatic conveying system.

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