• Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions

    Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions

    The conveyor belt cleaning solutions consists of a series of cleaners and is an important facility for automatic maintenance of the belt conveyor. The series of cleaners sold by our company are cost-effective products for belt cleaning systems. With nearly 10 years of product experience and a professional team of engineers, we can solve the problems of conveyor cleaning systems for you.

  • Bag Filter

    Bag Filter

    Bag filters are widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical, thermal power and other industries. The pulse jet bag filter is used in silo roofs, building materials processing production lines, mining production lines, furniture factory production lines and other occasions, and has a good ash collection and dust collection effect. The bag filter adopts cloth bag (polyester needle felt, waterproof and oil proof) to filter dust, with high dust removal efficiency; adopts medium and high pressure gas (0.4~0.6MPa) to blow the cloth bag to remove the dust on the cloth bag and achieve the purpose of recycling the cloth bag .

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