• Cnc flame cutting machine
  • Cnc flame cutting machine
  • Cnc flame cutting machine
  • Cnc flame cutting machine
  • Cnc flame cutting machine

Cnc flame cutting machine

Brand :KAY

Product origin :China

CNC flame cutting machine, is a flat cutting machine for cutting carbon steel. It is widely used in raw material blanking processing in steel structure factories, shipbuilding industry shipyards, machinery and equipment processing factories, and heavy machinery processing factories.

The cnc plasma flame cutting machine sold by our company has a cutting thickness of up to 120mm, stable performance, convenient installation and simple debugging, which can meet the cutting needs of most factories. According to customer needs, we can install a remote equipment monitoring system, which is convenient for our engineers to check the use status of the machine in the background in time, and assist customers to solve the use of equipment failures.

●Technical parameter


X-axis    3000mm-3500mm Even more

Y-axis    6000mm-12000mm Even more

Cutting range:

X-axis    Span 1000mm less

Y-axis    Rail length 3000mm less


X-axis    6000mm-9000mm/min

Y-axis    6000mm-9000mm/min

Product verticality:



1. According to the needs of the process, the flame cutting machine can be equipped with a plasma cutting nozzle and a plasma power supply of 100A-200A to more efficiently cut plates below 20mm. 

Flame cutting machine

◆Plasma flame cutting machine

Gantry CNC flame cutting machine

◆Plasma machine

CNC gantry type flame plasma cutting machine

◆Plasma cutting torch

2. The cutting table is drawn by CAFU according to the size of the machine, and the customer chooses to make it locally or provide it by CAFU.

3. The installation of the guide rail needs to be installed on the H-beam, which can be installed by the customer in the factory according to the size provided by CAFU. After the equipment is in place, the guide rail is installed on it to reduce the customer's purchase cost; or the H-beam foundation is provided by CAFU. Customer installation.

4. Customers can conditionally select the smoke filter matched with the cutting machine according to the local environmental protection restrictions, so as to improve the environmental comfort of workers.

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