Application of pneumatic conveying systems in powder conveying

Application of pneumatic conveying systems in powder conveying

dense phase conveying

Pneumatic conveying systems are a common method of conveying powders between plants and processing plants. In particular, dense phase conveying is rapidly becoming the most common choice in the search for high efficiency, low energy consumption and powder conveying processes.


Pneumatic conveying systems use compressed air to move powder through a pipe, eliminating the need for manual or mechanical conveying. Dense phase conveying, on the other hand, conveys material in a slow-moving, high-pressure manner, preventing excessive airflow and reducing powder wear.


This technology produces a continuous, consistent flow of material and is capable of conveying powders over long distances. In addition, minimal physical contact between the powder and the conveying pipeline ensures almost complete elimination of contamination.


Powder conveying systems are essential for a range of industries, from food and pharmaceuticals to chemical and agricultural processing. Thermal power plants also often use pneumatic conveying systems to transport raw materials such as fly ash.


Dense phase conveying offers a range of benefits to companies that require a reliable and efficient method of powder conveying. One of the main advantages is reduced energy consumption, which ultimately translates into lower operating costs. Considering that powder transport is one of the most energy-intensive processes in many plants, this is one of the most desirable conveying methods.


In addition, dense phase conveying reduces the risk of powder segregation and agglomeration. By using a PLC control system with a precise metering device, the consistency of the powder conveying batch is guaranteed from start to finish.


The growing demand for powder pneumatic conveying systems has given rise to a range of innovative technologies and strategies to make powder pneumatic conveying more efficient. This includes the use of dual bin pump pneumatic conveying systems when larger conveying throughputs are required, etc.


In short, the adoption of pneumatic conveying systems, especially dense phase conveying, has revolutionized the way powders are transported and handled across industries. As the technology develops and evolves, it will continue to reduce energy consumption, minimize material waste, increase efficiency and drive the industry forward.

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