• Pneumatic powder conveying pump-upper ash discharge

    Pneumatic powder conveying pump-upper ash discharge

    Dense phase pneumatic conveying pump is one of the main equipment in pneumatic conveying system. The main features of the system: 1,Low flow speed and small pipeline wear; 2, low energy consumption, low operating cost; 3, no dust blocking, automatic operation; 4, has a large powder and gas ratio; 5, can be long distance transmission, transmission distance up to 1500 meters: 6, materials in pipeline transportation, environmental protection, no pollution, no leakage.

  • Pneumatic powder delivery pump-lower ash discharge

    Pneumatic powder delivery pump-lower ash discharge

    Dense phase pneumatic conveying pump is an advanced positive pressure dense phase conveying system, which has the characteristics of low flow speed, small pipeline wear, low energy consumption and low operating cost. Through PLC touch screen, automatic control operation, with a good ratio of gas and powder, the longest conveying length of 1500 meters. The operation of the equipment has no pollution, environmental protection and energy saving. The equipment is widely used in coal ash transportation, cement raw material transportation, limestone powder and other dry ash materials transportation in thermal power plants. Positive pressure dense phase silo pump conveying system, can choose the upper part of the silo to spray ash according to the working condition, also can use the lower part of the chamber to spray ash structure. We can design the system structure reasonably and provide the most reasonable equipment configuration according to the actual situation of users. In the system configuration, we will use reasonable wear-resistant elbow design, and the key node wear-resistant gate valve selection, and the use of simple and convenient system control procedures, so that customers in the installation, debugging, use and maintenance process easier to operate.

  • Low Pressure Continuous Delivery Pump

    Low Pressure Continuous Delivery Pump

    This product is widely used in medium and short-range ash collection and transportation in power ash removal, building materials transportation, construction sites and other industries. It is an excellent product in solid conveying pumps. It is not limited by terrain and elevation difference, fully enclosed, pollution-free, simple structure and small maintenance. The air source is roots blower or compressed air.

  • Double Silo Dense Phase Bin Pump

    Double Silo Dense Phase Bin Pump

    As a continuous powder conveying silo pump, has the characteristics of reliable technical level and advanced technology. The equipment is widely used in electric power, cement, food, metallurgy and other industries. The continuous delivery bin type pump sold by the company is composed of two pump bodies, which are controlled by the pipeline cutting valve to maintain the continuity of pipeline delivery. In many cases of powder pneumatic conveying system engineering, we maintain strong technical advancement and more practical experience. Principle introduction: in fact, it uses the principle of pneumatic pressure difference to transport. After the material enters the pump body, when it is filled with powder, the material forms a fluidization state after gasification. Through the mixing chamber, the compressed air is spewed out at high speed through the jet nozzle, and the fluidization powder is fully mixed evenly. Two warehouse type pumps can feed at the same time, feed in turn, transport materials alternately, pipeline can achieve uninterrupted transmission of powder, to meet the requirements of large throughput, is a reliable process for improving the capacity of powder pneumatic conveying system.

  • Pneumatic grain suction machine

    Pneumatic grain suction machine

    On the basis of summarizing the experience of loading and unloading equipment in the industry, a series of loading and unloading equipment suitable for inland ports and seaports has been developed according to different working conditions. The bulk material negative pressure suction equipment, reliable performance, dust-free operation, high work efficiency. According to the actual needs, our engineers can plan the scheme. Installation forms are fixed, shipborne, vehicle-borne and rail mobile. Production respectively are: 20 t/h, 50 t/h, 100 t/h, 200 t/h. Working range: 12m~35m(can be customized according to user needs)

  • Bin Weighing System

    Bin Weighing System

    The metering bin scale is suitable for accurate metering in the powder conveying system, and is used in the conveying process and packaging process of many bulk materials.

  • Energy Saving Continuous Delivery Pump

    Energy Saving Continuous Delivery Pump

    The equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible layout, low wind pressure, low energy consumption, easy operation, reliable operation and so on. It is a product with high performance in low-pressure continuous powder conveying equipment. Widely used in power plant fly ash pneumatic conveying system, power plant desulfurization limestone powder pneumatic conveying, cement kiln head, kiln tail powder pneumatic conveying. In the actual use, we have completely solved the other low pressure pump upward leakage gas, leakage lock is not tight.

  • Roots Blower

    Roots Blower

    Roots blowers are mainly used in continuous pneumatic conveying systems for powders. It is one of the power sources for powder pneumatic conveying.

  • Powder Flowmeter

    Powder Flowmeter

    The impact plate type solid powder flowmeter is a flowmeter based on the momentum principle to measure free-falling powder and granular media. He converts the force caused by the impact of the measured medium and the force generated when the material slides down on the test board into a standard direct current signal proportional to the instantaneous weight. The flowmeter can continuously measure the flow of the medium and can be widely used in petrochemical, cement, electric power, mining, grain, metallurgy and other industries.

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