• Blower Breathable Plate

    Blower Breathable Plate

    The fluidized gasification bed is generally installed in the lower part of a large ash silo. When unloading, the dry air passes through the gasification bed. Under a certain pressure, the uniform and dense pores of the gasification plate change the angle of repose of the material on and near the plate to fluidize it and increase the fluidity of the material. Make the unloading smooth, avoid bridge and arching. The gasification bed can be used in bulk material storage silos such as cement silo, fly ash silo, etc., to help the discharge of materials. The gasification plate has silicon carbide type and gasification cloth type, which has good air permeability and wear resistance.

  • Pneumatic Conveyor Chute

    Pneumatic Conveyor Chute

    Pneumatic chute is mainly used for conveying cement and fly ash powder. The structure is simple and the air supply system adopts subsection air supply to ensure stable and reliable transportation. The products provided by our company are sealed with wear-resistant and temperature-resistant adhesive with new breathable conveying plate, which can effectively prevent air leakage and powder leakage. Our engineers will choose normal temperature type or high temperature resistant type according to the working condition.

  • Roots Blower

    Roots Blower

    Roots blowers are mainly used in continuous pneumatic conveying systems for powders. It is one of the power sources for powder pneumatic conveying.

  • FB Type Lock Air Flap Ash Discharge Valve

    FB Type Lock Air Flap Ash Discharge Valve

    The air-locking flap ash unloading valve is mainly suitable for building materials production industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, power energy industry, mining industry, etc.

  • Unloading Conveyor System

    Unloading Conveyor System

    The material bulk machine is suitable for electric power, building materials, chemical, food and other sectors. 1. Automobile bulk machine: SQ100, SQ150, SQ200 2. Train mobile bulk machine: HSQ100, HSQ150, HSQ200 3. Dry slag bulk machine: ZSQ100, ZSQ150, ZSQ200

  • Bin Weighing System

    Bin Weighing System

    The metering bin scale is suitable for accurate metering in the powder conveying system, and is used in the conveying process and packaging process of many bulk materials.

  • Powder Flowmeter

    Powder Flowmeter

    The impact plate type solid powder flowmeter is a flowmeter based on the momentum principle to measure free-falling powder and granular media. He converts the force caused by the impact of the measured medium and the force generated when the material slides down on the test board into a standard direct current signal proportional to the instantaneous weight. The flowmeter can continuously measure the flow of the medium and can be widely used in petrochemical, cement, electric power, mining, grain, metallurgy and other industries.

  • Ceramic Lined Elbows

    Ceramic Lined Elbows

    Wear-resistant ceramic lined elbows are mainly used for pipe turns in pneumatic conveying systems, which play a role in resistance to wear and reduce maintenance. The wear-resistant ceramic composite pipe made by self-burning high-temperature synthesis and centrifugal technology will be more durable. Wear-resistant ceramic lined elbows can be widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy, coal and other industries, and are ideal long-life accessories for conveying sand, coal, ash, cement and other materials.

  • Sealed Air Lock Three-way Valve

    Sealed Air Lock Three-way Valve

    This sealed air lock three-way valve is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, building materials, light industry and other industries.

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