• FB Type Lock Air Flap Ash Discharge Valve
  • FB Type Lock Air Flap Ash Discharge Valve
  • FB Type Lock Air Flap Ash Discharge Valve

FB Type Lock Air Flap Ash Discharge Valve

Brand :Cafu

Product origin :China

The air-locking flap ash unloading valve is mainly suitable for building materials production industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, power energy industry, mining industry, etc.

Product description

The heavy hammer type air lock flap ash unloading valve is an automatic ash unloading device using the weight of the material. It adopts a cone-shaped ash bin design. The inner surface is angled and smooth and flat, with reliable sealing, clean ash unloading of equipment, and low surface wear. .

Pneumatic (electric) air-locking flap ash unloading valve, driven by a cylinder or reducer, drives the upper and lower transmissions to rotate through cranks, cams and connecting rods, and opens alternately through the equipped lever system or tension spring , To ensure the reliable reset of the valve plate, prevent wild wind from blowing in, and complete the feeding and unloading of the powder pneumatic conveying system according to the determined opening and closing frequency. This equipment has compact structure, stable and reliable operation.

What data need to be provided in the custom design of fabricated steel silo?
Customized design of general fabricated steel silo needs to provide: 1. Storage material name 2. Density of storage material 3. Storage material particle size 4. Storage capacity 5. Feeding method 6. Discharge method and size of discharge port 7. The height of the discharge port from the ground...more
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