• Steel Silo

    Steel Silo

    Xiamen CAFU's steel silo can be used to store powder material and granular material respectively. Powdered materials such as cement storage, fly ash storage, limestone storage; granular materials such as grain storage, plastic granule storage, etc.

  • Auxiliary Steel Structure

    Auxiliary Steel Structure

    The steel structure support frame for the equipment is manufactured by factory modular processing, arranged in coded packaging, and transported to the project site by container for installation. The modular steel structure prefabricated products are used in the brackets of equipment in various industries to play a stabilizing and fixing role. The products are well-made and the welds are beautiful. The product parts are processed by CNC cutting equipment, which can meet the quality requirements of various industries for precise size control. The appearance of the steel structure is treated by shot blasting and sandblasting, and then sprayed with paint with a high anti-rust level, which can ensure that the appearance of the product is maintenance-free for a long time.

  • Silo Accessories

    Silo Accessories

    Silo accessories usually need to use flow aid gas nozzle, level meter, silo top explosion-proof valve, butterfly valve, vibration motor, gate valve, vibration hopper, etc.

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