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  • Steel Silo

    Steel Silo

    The bolt assembly steel silo can be used to store various bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, slag powder, limestone powder, cement plant raw materials, pozzolana, etc. Our products have strong competitiveness and good user experience in industries such as building materials storage, cement fly ash production storage, mine powder storage, terminal material storage engineering, and bulk material manufacturing plants. CAFU has many experienced engineers who have more than 10 years of work experience in the field of silo engineering design and construction, and can design and manufacture various assembled steel silos of 1 to 5000 tons. Through three-dimensional modeling and structural mechanics analysis, steel silos are designed, and steel silos of various structures can fully meet the safe use under certain natural conditions. Through scientific structural design, we can maximize the reduction of steel consumption and save customers' investment costs. The extremely simple assembly structure and precise installation hole positions make the customer's installation extremely convenient. Under the guidance of the installation drawings, the installation workers can quickly complete the structural installation work. In conjunction with our various powder conveying equipment and environmental protection equipment, we will provide users with systematic engineering services in various silo project planning, system deepening design, installation and commissioning guidance, etc. If you have similar needs for bolt-assembled steel silo, you are welcome to contact our service team in time, they will provide professional and comprehensive system services.

  • Vertical Bucket Elevator

    Vertical Bucket Elevator

    1.The TGD steel cord conveyor belt bucket elevator is an important equipment for the vertical conveying of bulk materials. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, high lifting height, stable operation and long service life. It is widely used in the material transportation system of building materials, chemical industry, coal, electric power and port transportation industries. 2. NE series plate chain hoist has been widely used to hoist various bulk materials, such as ore, coal, cement, cement clinker, grain, fertilizer, etc. Because of its high efficiency and energy saving, it has become the first choice to replace HL and TH type chain hoists. There are 11 models of NE series plate chain hoist: NE15, NE30, NE50, NE100, NE150, NE200, NE300, NE400, NE500, NE600, NE800. 3.NSE series high-speed plate chain bucket elevators are widely used to lift powder and small granular materials. NSE series plate chain bucket elevator has nine basic models: NSE100, NSE200, NSE300, NSE400, NSE500, NSE600, NSE700, NSE800, NSE1000.

  • Belt Conveyor

    Belt Conveyor

    Belt conveyor is a common conveying equipment. The application range of belt conveyors includes: steel industry, power plant, aluminum industry, machinery industry, mining industry, tobacco industry, printing and other industries. The line conveying of the belt conveyor can be selected according to the different goods to be conveyed: ordinary continuous operation, rhythmic operation or variable speed operation and other methods. The belt of the belt conveyor can be selected according to different conveying needs: different line types such as straight, slope, curve or climbing. CAFU provides you with the best customized belt bulk material conveying solutions in ports, thermal power plants, steel mills, crushing and road tunnel projects.

  • Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions

    Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions

    The conveyor belt cleaning solutions consists of a series of cleaners and is an important facility for automatic maintenance of the belt conveyor. The series of cleaners sold by our company are cost-effective products for belt cleaning systems. With nearly 10 years of product experience and a professional team of engineers, we can solve the problems of conveyor cleaning systems for you.

  • Screening Machine

    Screening Machine

    Mobile earth and stone separator Mobile screening machine can be used for mining, river cleaning and screening, soil and stone separation, sand and gravel screening, and construction waste separation. According to the screening requirements of customers, our company can provide customers with: separators for soil and stones with a feeding size of less than 1000mm: Mobile earth and stone separator; multi-stage vibrating screening machines; sand screening machines, etc.

  • Concrete Mixing Machine

    Concrete Mixing Machine

    The HZS25~HZS90 series developed and designed by CAFU, small concrete mixers are widely used in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America markets. The mixing station series products are all independently produced and manufactured, including the mixing host, batching station, belt conveyor, equipment support, bolt-assembled steel silo (50-100T), metering system, and control system. All small concrete mixing plants are pre-installed and manufactured in the factory. They are manufactured using precise CAD measurement and are matched with strict quality control standards. This enables customers to complete various installation and commissioning tasks according to our remote video guidance, reducing installation troubles caused by engineers' cross-border difficulties. . CAFU's years of experience in the construction of small concrete mixing plants in major foreign markets has enabled our engineers to better understand the actual needs of the local area, and we will provide customers with comprehensive and systematic product services.

  • Crusher


    CF series mobile crusher Crushing principle: particle crusher Discharge size: 3mm (can be customized, according to the need to configure the corresponding crushing host) Degree of crushing: coarse crusher Custom processing: Yes Main application: mobile crushing in mines The CF series mobile crusher can cooperate with the mobile screening equipment sold by CAFU to achieve the effect of rapid production and rapid transfer of equipment. According to the working conditions, the model can be motor type or diesel power generation type.

  • Mixing Equipment For Dry Mixed Mortar

    Mixing Equipment For Dry Mixed Mortar

    The complete set of dry-mixed mortar equipment independently developed and designed by CAFU is a production line that stores, internally transports, precisely proportions and mixes dry powder raw materials until the finished product is packaged. The complete dry-mixed mortar production line has an annual output of about 20,000 to 30,000 tons, consisting of 4-6 bolt-assembled raw material silos, conveying vertical bucket elevators, screw conveyors, metering systems, mixing systems, and packaging production lines. Generally, dry-mix mortar is produced by mixing bulk cement, fly ash, light calcium, heavy calcium, sand, auxiliary materials, etc. through a certain formula ratio. The complete set of dry-mixed mortar equipment researched and designed by CAFU Machinery is all prefabricated in factory production, and trial assembly and commissioning are carried out in the production workshop. After all are qualified, they will be delivered to customers for installation and use by container transportation. We will provide remote video guidance for the installation and commissioning of complete sets of dry-mixed mortar equipment, so that customers can easily complete various installation and commissioning tasks. At the same time, our control program can remotely check the operating conditions of the system and perform background inspection and management. This equipment is a customized equipment and needs to be planned and designed according to the basic conditions of the customer. As long as you need it, we will provide you with timely product consultation and docking services.

  • Auxiliary Steel Structure

    Auxiliary Steel Structure

    The steel structure support frame for the equipment is manufactured by factory modular processing, arranged in coded packaging, and transported to the project site by container for installation. The modular steel structure prefabricated products are used in the brackets of equipment in various industries to play a stabilizing and fixing role. The products are well-made and the welds are beautiful. The product parts are processed by CNC cutting equipment, which can meet the quality requirements of various industries for precise size control. The appearance of the steel structure is treated by shot blasting and sandblasting, and then sprayed with paint with a high anti-rust level, which can ensure that the appearance of the product is maintenance-free for a long time.

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