• Big Bag Emptying Station
  • Big Bag Emptying Station
  • Big Bag Emptying Station
  • Big Bag Emptying Station

Big Bag Emptying Station

Product origin :China

Big Bag Emptying Systems is Bulk Bag Discharger for Emptying big bag materials. It is a Bag Emptying System for dry powder or small granular materials.
It is mainly used in the fields of plastics, rubber, food, medical, minerals, chemical, building materials, grain, feed and so on.

CAFU Machinery's Big Bag Emptying Systems are suitable for big bag discharging of dry powder bulk materials in long distance powder pneumatic conveying systems.

The Bag Emptying System unloads large bags of bulk dry powder onto a pneumatic conveyor, which conveys the material to the receiving end by means of a dense phase conveying or lean phase pneumatic conveying system. It is an important part of the powder conveying system.

Bag Emptying System

Big Bag Emptying Systems is a Big Bag discharging equipment which integrates pneumatic flapping, vibration and dust removal, Big Bag Unloader has high degree of automation, fast discharging speed, low power consumption and good environmental protection effect.

Big Bag Emptying Systems consists of bag feeding system, electric hoist, big bag hanger, automatic cylinder slapping device and vibration device, automatic dust-absorbing system, equipment support, etc. Big bag discharging process is controlled by PLC. The equipment has reasonable structural design, convenient operation, closed bag opening, which can improve the working environment, complete discharging and less residual material.

Main performance parameters:

Working power supply: can be customized

Pneumatic pressure: 0.6MPa

Equipment power: 6Kw (electric hoist: 3kw, dust collector fan: 3kw. can be customized according to working conditions)

Bag removal capacity: 5-8 bags/hour (manual bag removal)

10-15 bags/hour (automatic bag breaking)

Lifting capacity: 0-2T/3T (optional)

Bag Emptying Specification: 1000*1000*1600mm;

Supporting equipment for Bag Emptying System:

Screw Compactor

Big Bag Emptying Station

After the Big bag discharging is completed, in order to safely collect the empty bags, reduce the residue in the empty bags to pollute the air and ensure the occupational health of people, Screw Compactor can be integrated into the Big Bag Emptying Systems to automatically collect the bulk bags.

For more information about Bag Emptying System, please contact our sales and service staff.

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