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CAFU Company Successfully Delivered 12pcs 300t Cement Silos and Started Installation

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Recently, CAFU COMPANY, with its rich engineering experience and professional services, has successfully customised 12pcs 300t cement silos for a customer and transported them to the customer's project site.


CAFU COMPANY has many years of engineering experience in the field of cement silo storage equipment, as well as rich experience in designing cement silos. We are able to design and customise cement silos of various specifications for our customers, and ensure the storage requirements of various bulk materials with its excellent sealing performance.


As an important part of cement storage equipment, cement silo plays a key role in construction and engineering construction etc. CAFU COMPANY has become the first choice of many customers with its high quality design and manufacture of Bolted Assembly Steel Silo.

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CAFU COMPANY's silos are designed with advanced technology and techniques to ensure safe storage and hermetic protection of cement. Its unique bolted assembly structure allows the cement silo to be quickly assembled in a short period of time, saving construction time and labour costs. In addition, CAFU COMPANY's cement silos have excellent sealing and durability, ensuring that the cement is not affected by external factors during storage.


For this delivery, CAFU COMPANY customised 12pcs 300t cement silos to meet the needs of the client for their large-scale engineering project. These cement silos will be used to store large quantities of cement and fly ash materials to ensure a smooth construction process.


CAFU COMPANY is always committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services. CAFU's professional team will be responsible for on-site installation and commissioning to ensure that the cement silos can be put into use in the shortest possible time. At the same time, CAFU COMPANY will provide a full range of after-sales support to solve customer problems in the process of use, to ensure that customers get continuous satisfaction.


Our company will continue to uphold the core values of "quality first, customer first", and continue to innovate and improve product quality and technology to provide customers with more excellent solutions. We believe that CAFU COMPANY's cement silos will gain more recognition and praise in the market and promote the development of the whole industry.

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