Cast nail crusher wear parts

Wear resistance of wearing parts is one of the key factors when crushing hard materials such as stone. In order to improve the wear resistance of the wearing parts, the casting of Tic alloy nails into the crusher wear parts during the casting process is an effective solution.

crusher wear parts

Tic alloy has very high hardness and wear resistance, is titanium carbide (Tic) for the hard phase, high manganese steel and other metal powders for the bonding phase, and then add the appropriate alloying elements, with powder metallurgy method of production of a cemented carbide material. Tic casting nails used to improve the wear resistance of the product, often with high manganese steel material composite, used in hammer heads, cones, tooth plates, plate hammers and other wear-resistant products.

Compounding Tic nails in crusher wear parts can significantly improve the service life of crusher wear parts. According to the actual application data, after casting Tic alloy nails into the wear parts, the wear resistance can be increased by about 1.5-2 times. This means that under the same working conditions, the replacement cycle of wearing parts will be greatly extended, reducing equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

In addition, Tic alloy cast nails also have good corrosion resistance and high temperature stability, and can adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions. In the process of crusher operation, the crusher wear parts with Tic alloy cast nails can better resist the impact of materials, wear and corrosion, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

In conclusion, the use of Tic alloy cast nails to improve the wear resistance of crusher wear parts is a proven effective measure. This innovative design not only extends the service life of wearing parts and reduces maintenance costs, but also improves the efficiency and stability of the equipment, bringing more economic benefits to the crushing industry.

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