Grain Dryer In Grain Silo Project

The use of grain dryer in grain silo project


Grain dryer is a kind of commonly used grain drying equipment, which is mainly used for drying rice, wheat, corn and other grain crops. The whole machine consists of automatic feeder, drying bin, hot air furnace, hot air delivery system, cooling system, automatic temperature control cabinet, control system and so on.

grain dryer

Its drying process mainly includes the following steps:


1. Preheating: Feed the wet grain into the dryer through the automatic feeder of the grain dryer, start the hot air heating system, the hot air enters into the dryer through the bottom of the dryer, and start the grain grain particle circulating system to heat up the drying until it reaches the set drying degree.


2. Drying: The hot air enters the machine through the bottom of the machine, heats and dries the grain, and at the same time discharges the moisture through the exhaust system. During the drying process, the temperature and humidity of the hot air need to be adjusted according to the type and moisture content of the grain to ensure the drying effect and the quality of the grain.


3. Cooling: After drying, the grain needs to be cooled in order to avoid condensation and mould problems during packaging and storage. Usually, the temperature of the grain after drying is high, and the cooling system is needed to reduce the temperature of the grain to a suitable range.


4. Packaging and storage: After the grain has been dried and cooled, it can be packaged and stored. In the packaging process, attention needs to be paid to prevent the grain from moisture and pollution to ensure the quality and safety of the grain. In the storage process, the ventilation system of the grain silo should be kept in normal operation to extend the shelf life of the grain and maintain the quality of the grain.


Combined use of grain dryers and grain storage silos


Grain dryers and grain storage silos together form a grain storage production line, realising the automation of grain from screening, drying to storage. In practice, the combination of grain dryer and grain storage silo has the following advantages:


1. space-saving: grain dryer and grain storage silo integrated design, saving the footprint, convenient grain storage and transport.


2. Improve efficiency: the automated production line of grain dryer and grain storage silo greatly improves the efficiency of grain drying and storage and reduces labour intensity.


3. Ensure quality: Grain dryer can effectively control the moisture and temperature of grain during the drying process to ensure the quality of grain.


4. Energy saving and environmental protection: grain dryer adopts hot air circulation drying technology, saving energy and reducing pollution.


To sum up, grain dryer plays an important role in grain storage production line and provides strong support for the development of grain industry.


As one of the supporting equipment of CAFU machinery grain silo, our company can customise the grain dryer for our customers with the drying daily output of 10t~120t. The heat source is coal, firewood, fuel oil, electricity, gas, etc., which can be customised according to customer's choice.

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