Metal Cutting Accessories LCL Shipping

Metal Cutting Accessories LCL Shipping

laser cut stainless steel

Recently, the customized metal cutting accessories have been packed and will be shipped to the terminal warehouse.

The company has advantageous raw material supply channels with lower costs, including stainless steel raw materials. We can provide precision laser cutting parts of various materials for various customers.

In addition to the original 12000W laser cutting machine and 3000W-6M-DN320 pipe cutting machine, the existing metal cutting equipment has recently added a 20000W-12M-2.5M switching table high-power laser cutting machine.

Compared with 12000W, the efficiency of 20000W can be improved by 60%. The cutting quality is more stable, the cross section is better, and the thickness of the bright surface is increased to 40MM. It can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the manufacturing cost of the product.

We can customize and process various types of pipe cutting within 6M of 20-300MM, various types of profile cutting within 6M of 20-180MM, and steel plate cutting of 1-80MM for various customers.

As long as you can provide drawings and cutting requirements, we will customize relevant high-quality, low-cost metal cutting products for you.

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