Limestone powder pneumatic conveying system

Limestone powder pneumatic conveying system

 powder conveying system

White ash is a collective name for quicklime and slaked lime, whose main components are calcium oxide and magnesium oxide; the slaking of quicklime is an important link in the construction mixing, and the process should be effectively controlled in the specific construction.


In the production process will use pneumatic conveying technology for limestone powder conveying, pneumatic conveying manufacturers and technicians will be based on the material characteristics, conveying capacity, process conditions, conveying distance, conveying the start and end point and the site conditions, etc. for the customer tailored solutions.


As we all know, there are many types of pneumatic conveying system, it is a gas-solid two-phase flow conveying technology that uses pressurised gas as a carrier to achieve the purpose of conveying bulk materials in a closed pipe.


According to whether the pressure in the tube is higher than the atmospheric pressure, can be divided into negative pressure and positive pressure pneumatic conveying, of which the negative pressure pneumatic conveying with lower than the atmospheric pressure of the air as a conveying medium, it is relying on the suction effect of the gas source machinery in the pipeline to form a certain vacuum, the use of the movement of the air with the necessary flow rate, the material from a certain place through the pipeline to a certain distance from the destination of a suspended pneumatic conveying system. And positive pressure pneumatic conveying using a fan or air compressor will be higher than the atmospheric pressure of positive pressure air into the feeder device, mixed with the material, the material and gas together to the end of the separator or storage silo. After the separation of gas and solid, the dusty air is filtered and discharged into the atmosphere. This is commonly used in the two major types, the two types of positive pressure pneumatic conveying is divided into thin-phase and dense-phase conveying methods, in addition to positive and negative pressure mixing and inert circulation pneumatic conveying.


For example, in the kiln out of limestone through the bucket elevator to the temporary storage warehouse, and then transported to the horizontal distance of 40m, the vertical height of 20m destination silo, assuming that the conveying capacity of 30t / h. This condition can be customised bin pump pneumatic conveying system, this system is suitable for large-capacity long-distance material conveying. By the bin pump, air compressor, conveying pipeline, bag filter, PLC control system and other pneumatic conveying equipment, the whole closed pipeline automatic control conveying.

Limestone pneumatic conveying is a single bin pump conveying system, is an intermittent conveying mode, the conveying process has four stages:

(1) feeding stage: the feed valve and exhaust valve open, the white ash from the temporary storage silo free fall into the pump body, the material is full, the material level meter sends out a signal, the feed valve and exhaust valve automatically closed, complete the feeding process;

(2) Fluidisation and pressurisation stage: open the air inlet valve, compressed air enters into the upper and bottom of the pump body, the upper part is pressurised, the lower part of the air diffuses and passes through the fluidised bed, so that the white ash is in the state of fluidisation, and at the same time, the pressure inside the pump rises;

(3) Conveying stage: when the pressure in the pump reaches a certain value, the pressure gauge or pressure switch sends out a signal, the discharge valve opens automatically, the fluidisation of the white ash on the fluidised bed is strengthened, the conveying starts, and the white ash in the pump is gradually reduced, and at this time, the white ash on the fluidised bed is always in the state of conveying while fluidising;

(4) blowing stage: when the pump white ash conveying is completed, the pressure drops to the pipeline resistance, the pressure gauge or pressure switch signal, ventilation continues for a certain period of time, the compressed air to clean the pipeline, and then the inlet valve is closed for a certain period of time, close the discharge valve, open the inlet valve, to complete the conveying cycle once.


Combined with the demand for conveying, sometimes limestone pneumatic conveying can also be used negative pressure and positive pressure dilute phase conveying method, if you need powder pneumatic conveying systems please feel free to contact us, we will design the system scheme for free.

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