Powder Pneumatic Conveying System

About the Design of Powder Pneumatic Conveying System

pneumatic powder transfer system

1. Design data

It is necessary to understand the relevant characteristics and

requirements of the conveying materials:

Material specific gravity, fineness, moisture content, conveying output, conveying horizontal distance, climbing distance, several elbows.

2. Design principles

On the premise of ensuring smooth process, optimize the design of the scheme, and strive for the best process scheme route:

(1) Choose energy-saving and consumption-reducing technology and energy-saving products as much as possible;

(2) Optimize the process flow as much as possible;

(3) Minimize investment costs;

(4) Easy maintenance and management, simple and reliable operation;

(5) Save floor space;

(6) The dust removal effect reaches the standards of relevant countries, effectively protecting the environment.

After the powder pneumatic conveying system equipment is in operation, ensure that:

    · Trouble-free operation

    · No leakage operation.

3. The design scheme of powder pneumatic conveying system

1) According to the project conditions and relevant requirements, first determine whether the powder pneumatic conveying system adopts dense phase conveying or dilute phase conveying.

For dense-phase conveying, it is generally advisable to use the positive pressure down-drawing BIN PUMP as the main equipment of the pneumatic conveying system, use compressed air as the conveying power source, and convey the material to the corresponding silo through the pipeline.

For dilute phase conveying, ENERGY SAVING CONTINUOUS DELIVERY PUMP is generally used as the main equipment of the powder pneumatic conveying system, and the Roots blower is used as the conveying power source to send the material to the corresponding silo through the conveying pipeline.

vacuum conveying system for powder

The conveying design output is generally determined by the specific gravity of the material and the volume of the BIN PUMP.

2) Process flow of powder pneumatic conveying system:

Customized by specific project

3) Selection of powder pneumatic conveying system BIN PUMP:

Consider according to conveying capacity and conveying distance

4) BIN PUMP output check:

PUMP delivery capacity = volume * 0.75 (filling rate) * specific gravity* 10 times

5) Pipeline configuration of powder pneumatic system:

According to the abrasiveness of the material, wear-resistant ceramic pipes or seamless steel pipes should be selected, and wear-resistant ceramic pipes with a large radius of curvature (R≥8DN) should be used for the delivery elbow.

6) Composition and related instructions of the dense phase powder pneumatic conveying system:

BIN PUMP pneumatic conveying system mainly includes manual slide valve, corrugated compensator, pneumatic slide valve, screw conveyor, warehouse pump, pressure transmitter, material level gauge, air intake device, etc.

7) Composition of BIN PUMP:

As the main body of the conveying equipment, it mainly includes the following components: BIN PUMP body, pneumatic feed gate valve, pneumatic discharge gate valve, pneumatic exhaust gate valve, pressure gauge, air intake component, material level gauge and supporting pipeline components and so on.

4. Control system of powder pneumatic conveying system

powder conveying system

The control system of the powder pneumatic system includes a set of PLC main control system + touch screen, local operation box, etc. The PLC main control system selects Siemens series programmable controllers. The control system adopts PLC control system, equipped with a communication module to communicate with the owner's DCS. The site is equipped with an operation panel, which can be manually operated on site. The PLC should have a communication port, which can transmit real-time data to the owner's device DCS system.


The conveying control system is composed of PLC system + on-site control box; monitor, control and adjust the main equipment and process parameters of the conveying system normally, alarm and deal with abnormal working conditions, and perform chain protection for emergency working conditions.

The workstation also has the functions of configuration and programming. 

Each local control box is equipped with a remote local switch, which is convenient for operating personnel to perform local and remote operations.


The scope of program control includes: monitoring of material level in BIN PUMP and silo, control of various pneumatic valves and other equipment, etc.

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