The use of custom metal silos in bulk material handling products

The use of custom metal silos in bulk material handling products

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Due to the characteristics of disassembly and transportation, bolt-assembled steel silos have good adaptability in most sites that do not have on-site production of integral silos.

All its components are manufactured in the factory, and key components are pre-assembled to ensure the dimensional accuracy requirements for on-site installation. It is widely used in cement plants, mining, dust collection and reuse, plastic particle storage, grain storage and other industries.

Typically, fabricated metal silos are available in standard and custom versions. Standard products have the advantages of large output and low cost. The customized version has the advantage of being fully compliant with field installation conditions. The customization of silos is used in various industries, and it is usually necessary to match the products of the front and rear processes, including vertical bucket conveyors, belt conveyors, powder pneumatic conveying systems, metering systems, dust removal systems, etc. Therefore, the customized steel silo can be effectively combined with the various equipment of the factory and the working conditions of the installation site to form a complete and efficient bulk material handling system.

Most customized silos have a storage capacity of more than 500T. In the design process, earthquake factors, typhoons, and climate conditions need to be considered, and combined with the design, various mechanical calculations are performed to meet various structural performance requirements and ensure the safety of the silos. . The design of its anti-corrosion ability needs to consider the marine climate to improve the anti-corrosion ability and prolong its service life.

According to the abrasiveness of the stored materials, it is necessary to design the anti-wear ability of the cone wall thickness of the steel silo to meet the design requirements of the service life of the steel silo. Different materials, the way to enter the silo should also be scientifically designed to reduce the gravitational impact on the silo during feeding and affect the stability of the structure. According to the characteristics of easy arching of the powder, professional design adjustment is required for the angle of the cone, and a reasonable activation device is required. Different materials also have special requirements for the system design inside the silo. For example, different inner coatings or different metal materials need to be applied, and ventilation and moisture-proof design should be carried out at the same time.

In the design process of prefabricated metal silos, considering its storage capacity requirements, it is generally divided into two types: steel frame support structure and flat bottom structure. The unloading system of the two structures needs to be specially designed.

Bolt-assembled steel silo is the main product of bulk material handling system. Its design involves architecture, structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, mechatronics and other disciplines, and is a highly specialized system engineering design. A good design can make the project construction go smoothly, and finally achieve good performance.

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