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In recent years, vibrating screen applications in the mining and construction waste sorting sectors have become increasingly widespread and CAFU has launched a range of customised vibrating screen products to better meet the needs of its customers. These products have been developed to help users improve efficiency, reduce costs and protect the environment.

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As a leading manufacturer of vibrating screen products, CAFU is committed to providing high quality vibrating screen equipment to its customers. The company's R&D team has an in-depth understanding of the mining and construction waste sorting industries and has combined years of experience and technical expertise to create a range of vibrating screen solutions tailored to different scenarios.

 vibrating screen machine

In the mining industry, the role of the vibrating screen cannot be ignored. CAFU's vibrating screens are highly efficient, stable and durable, and can be adapted to the characteristics of different ores and working environments to maximise the screening effect. In addition, CAFU's vibrating screens feature an advanced anti-clogging screen design, which effectively reduces clogging and buildup problems and greatly improves efficiency.


CAFU's vibrating screen also plays an important role in the separation of construction waste. CAFU's vibrating screens use highly efficient screening technology to separate recyclable materials from construction waste, improving recovery rates and processing efficiency.


To meet the needs of different customers, CAFU also offers an individual customisation service. The company's professional team works closely with the customer to understand their workflow and requirements in detail, and to design and integrate the equipment according to the actual situation. Whether it is the size of the vibrating screen, its capacity or the way it is maintained, CAFU will adapt it to the specific requirements of the customer to ensure that the vibrating screen equipment fits perfectly with the customer's working scenario.


As a professional company in the vibrating screen industry, CAFU has always been guided by the needs of its customers, constantly innovating and improving its products. In the future, CAFU will continue to devote itself to the research, development and application of vibrating screen technology to provide more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly customised solutions for our customers.

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