What to do if the vibrating screen fails?

Vibrating screen is commonly used equipment in mines, and it is easy to damage equipment. This article lists 3 major aspects of common faults and 28 inspection and treatment methods for everyone! 

1. The screening effect is not good, so check and repair from the following 10 aspects.

(1) The screen hole is blocked or the screen surface is damaged

(2) The raw material has high moisture

(3) Uneven screening and feeding

(4) The material on the screen is too thick

(5) The screen is not tight

(6) Stop screening, clean the screen or replace the screen surface

(7) The inclination angle of the vibrating screen can be adjusted

(8) Adjust the feeding amount

(9) Reduce the feeding amount

(10) Tighten the screen mesh

2. The speed of the sieve is not enough. The transmission belt is too loose and the tensioning transmission belt bearing heats up. Check and repair from the following 8 aspects.

(1) Bearing lack of oil

(2) The bearing is dirty

(3) The bearing is filled with too much oil or the quality of the oil does not meet the requirements

(4) Bearing wear

(5) Oil injection

(6) Wash the bearing, replace the sealing ring, and check the sealing device

(7) Check the oil filling condition

(8) Replace the bearing

crusher vibrating screen

3. The vibration of the screening machine is weak, and the weight on the flywheel is installed incorrectly or too lightly. Adjust the position of the weight on the flywheel or increase the counterweight; if the screen box vibrates too much and the amount of eccentricity is different, find the balance of the screening machine; The main shaft of the sieve cannot be rotated and the sealed shaft sleeve is clogged. The sealed bearing should be cleaned; when the sieving machine is running, the sound is abnormal, etc., should be inspected and repaired from the following 10 aspects:

(1) Bearing wear

(2) The screen is not tightened

(3) Loose fixed bearing bolts

(4) The spring is damaged

(5) Gear wear and damage

(6) Replace the bearing

(7) Tighten the screen mesh

(8) Tighten the bolts

(9) Replace the spring

(10) Replace the gear

(This article was originally quoted from the Mining Machinery Journal.)

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