• Cement Plant Spare Parts
  • Cement Plant Spare Parts
  • Cement Plant Spare Parts
  • Cement Plant Spare Parts
  • Cement Plant Spare Parts

Cement Plant Spare Parts

Product origin :China

CAFU Machinery supplies high quality and high-performance castings and alloy products to the cement industry. In addition to Cement Plant Spares, we also supply spare parts such as forgings and castings for mining equipment, steel plant equipment, stamping equipment, cement equipment, as well as power plants and petrochemical industries.

Wear Parts & Castings for the Cement Industry

Castings & Wear parts

Mill Wear Parts

Materials include: Mn13, Mn18, Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2, ZG42SiMnCr2MoRe, ZG35CrMo, ZG270-500, ZG35, ZG45, ZG230-450 etc. (In addition, spare parts can be supplied in accordance with ASTM Standards.)

The cement plant parts we offer include:

Ball Mill Trunnion, Girth Gear, Alloy Tiles, Support Roller of Rotary kiln, Kiln Tyre, Thrust Roller, Rotor of Separator, Computerized Hardfacing, Liner of Millstone, Roller Shell, Grinding Roller, Roller Seal, Pinion Assembly, Hydraulic thrust roller for rotary kiln, Crusher liner. Housing bottom in vertical mill, Sealing plate in vertical mill, Screen, Track segment in vertical mill, Buffer plates in vertical mill, Mill housing in vertical mill, Lining for mill housing, Cone crusher liner.

Cement Plant Spares

We supply Cement wear parts that are characterized by excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and high toughness. These cement plant spare parts are widely used in the cement industry to solve challenging wear and tear problems.

Cement plant equipment requires wear-resistant components and wear-resistant solutions. From the limestone quarry all the way to the loading and transportation of the final product. Wear occurs during excavation, crushing, screening and mixing.

CAFU Machinery focuses on the uptime and productivity of equipment in cement plants and related industries by providing reliable and long-lasting wear parts.

We are a trusted provider of wear solution programs. CAFU Machinery's foundry is one of the few large-scale casting bases in China, and all Mill Wear Parts, etc. are guaranteed to be delivered on time.

cement plant parts

Hardfacing services for cement wear parts: all kinds of vertical mills, grinding rolls, grinding discs, lining plate hardfacing services.

Mill Wear Parts

We customize Cement Plant Spares as per drawings for you with very cost effective and consistent quality.

Cement Plant Spares

When you need to make a routine purchase or have an urgent need to purchase Cement Plant Spares, please feel free to contact us.

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