• Electric Air Lock Valve
  • Electric Air Lock Valve
  • Electric Air Lock Valve
  • Electric Air Lock Valve

Electric Air Lock Valve

Brand :Cafu

Product origin :China

Electric air lock is a kind of equipment used for feeding dry powder materials. It is widely used in thermal power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, grain storage and other departments.

According to the different connection and transmission, it is divided into sprocket structure and direct connection structure. There are three models in total.

product description

This equipment is mainly used for pneumatic conveying system. While the equipment is continuously and evenly feeding, the air circuit is partitioned to ensure the use of system equipment, so that the pneumatic conveying system can operate safely and normally. In power plants, it is mainly used for the discharge port of ash hoppers such as dry dust collectors and air preheaters for air lock and uniform feed.

The feature of this product is the use of a new type of cycloidal pinwheel to reduce speed. It is composed of body, impeller, reduction motor, wear-resistant sealing sheet, etc. The structure design is compact, the transmission mode is sprocket type, direct-connection type; the material is cast iron, cast steel or stainless steel; the feed port is square and round; the use function is divided into feeding type and pneumatic conveying system use type, by the system engineer Match or choose by the user.

Due to the continuous upgrading and improvement of products, the actual product structure and installation dimensions, please consult our pneumatic conveying system engineers.

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