Powder Pneumatic Conveying System Information Collection List

1.Conveying material: 2.Material specific gravity: g/cm3 3.Material particle size: mm 4.Horizontal conveying distance: m 5.Vertical conveying distance: m 6.Number of elbows: PCS 7.Material temperature: °C 8.Material moisture content: % 9.Conveyor type: continuous conveying or intermittent conveying? 10.Conveying capacity: tons/h (need to measure the weight accurately?) 11.Feeding method: manual feeding or silo feeding?Please describe your feeding requirements. 12.End of conveying system: hopper or silo? How many m3? Does it already exist, or will it be newly built? 13.Is there already a bag filter at the end of the conveying system? If so, what is its exhaust air volume m3/h? 14.Conveying system air source: Do you have air compressor? If so, what is its pressure Mpa? What is its flow rate m3/min? 15.Please describe the production process in detail so that we can design a pneumatic conveying system that best suits your plant's working conditions.

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